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    Mold Problems in New Jersey

    You can now access the most comprehensive resource available on the subject of TOXIC BLACK MOLD.

    Mold has become a hot topic recently in the media and quite frankly there's a lot of misinformation out there.

    (The report that follows will answer all of your questions on this important subject)

    The Nations Mold Solutions Expert, Kevin Thompson, showing homeowners how to wipe out toxic mold forever.

    How Severe Is the Black Mold Problem?

    A USA WEEKEND Report "MOLD: A Health Alert", Dec. 5, 1999 describes how, "people with prolonged exposure to mycotoxins from Stachybotrys and other fungi experienced chronic fatigue, loss of balance, irritability, memory loss and difficulty speaking."  The article also mentions several other studies that describe the extent of the problem.  In one Harvard study of 10,000 homes, mold was associated with a 50 to 100% increase in respiratory symptoms.  A Mayo Clinic Study indicated that nearly all of the 37 million sufferers of chronic sinus infection may be able to attribute it to mold.  Other studies mentioned in the article link mold to the 300% increase in asthma over the past 20 years.


    In the NEW YORK TIMES (Sep. 12, 1999), Edward Lipinski reported in his Home Clinic Column "The Battle Against Mold and Mildewthat up to 50 % of homes contain problem molds.  Many other prominent health journals and news publications are also reporting on the potential risks from toxic mold contamination. 


    Links to Other Resources About Mold:

    Claims Magazine has a very informative article written for insurance claim adjusters and explains when mold damage is a covered loss. The article also states that the general rule of thumb is very simple: If you can see mold or smell mold, you have to remove it.  http://www.claimsmag.com/issues/aug00/mold.asp

    CDC (The National Center for Disease Control) is a good source of relevant information.  http://www.cdc.gov    (Search for ("toxic mold")

    FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) quotes an article from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that states how mold growth in water damaged homes can be a serious health hazard. www.fema.gov/diz01/d1379n41.shtm   

    Environmental Health Watch talks about the overwhelming consensus among scientists that mold and water damaged housing are threats to human health.  www.ehw.org/Healthy_House/HH_Toxic_Mold.htm 

    A Realty Times article attempts to minimize the risks associated with toxic mold in homes and businesses (but eventually states that a health risk does in fact exist).  www.realtytimes.com/rtnews/rtcpages/20000406_mold.htm

    California Job Journal Find out why the staff of feels so passionate about the public health danger of toxic mold.  www.jobjournal.com/mold/

    The Bulletin Alternative News Magazine   Unbeknownst to the Brunsons, the EIFS or Exterior Finishing and Insulation System product they had put on their home trapped water in their walls and eventually led to a deadly poison, stachybotrys mold, so dangerous that it almost cost the Brunsons the life of their daughter, Iris, before they discovered what was going on.  www.thebulletin.com/archives/2001/february/toxicmold.htm



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