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  • Karen Ensminger : My carpet looks almost new again. I am very particular and I cannot think of anything they didn't do to meet my every expectation and then some. I especially appreciated you being punctual. That is very important.

    Karen Schnarre : Wow! It looks great! I'm very impressed that the spots came out that had been cleaned before. And your Carpet Audit was great. I knew just what to expect. You're very professional and even think of things like booties to wear while cleaning.

    Charlene Williams : I can recommend you to anyone. You did not pressure me at all. I appreciate that. Friendly, no mess, thorough and fast.

    Carolyn Hocking : A good, reliable carpet cleaner. On time, does a great job and wants you to be completely satisfied. Cost is more, but you get a 100% better cleaning job.

    Teri Ewald : We had heard good things about your company. You were on time, courteous and very professional. Our carpet is now much cleaner, with a fresh, clean smell. You do exactly what you say you will do. I'll tell family and friends to call you.

    David and Barbara Miller : We'd been told by other carpet cleaners that one room would never come clean (inherited with home purchase). It now looks unbelievably better after Rich took to it. You are persistent with stubborn soiled areas until you are satisfied. You do a remarkable job!

    Mike and Sharon Harris : I've known Rich and Pam for a number of years and knew they would do a great job. They were right on time for our appointment. When they were done, all of the stains from the water damage were gone and the carpet looked like new. You do an outstanding job and we plan to have you come back to clean more areas for us!

    Tim and Janice Raibley : Very punctual, professional and we highly recommend you! It was helpful to know what to expect, as explained in your Carpet Audit. Thanks for coming back to work on the trouble spots. You are more professional and honest about what can be accomplished than the other carpet cleaners.

    Kevin Williams : I thought your Carpet Audit was great. Your knowledge about your business is what makes you different from the other carpet cleaners... and you were able to get rid of the big stain in our hallway!

    Beth Browning : Your Carpet Audit was very informative. You tremendously improved the overall appearance of the carpet. The pet stains are greatly improved - you exceeded my expectations. I'll tell people that you are very professional, informative and HONEST - You don't promise more than you think you can deliver.

    Steve and Donna Lowe : Your Carpet Audit was very informative and your style and approach and awesome equipment set you apart from the "other guys". The difference in our carpet is like "day and night" - they look new again. You guys clean carpets like no other!

    John and Mindy Batchelor : You did a great job and we're very pleased! All of our stains are gone and the "raking" really helped a lot on some areas. Your Carpet Audit was great, very informative. Thanks for being so punctual!

    Toni Brines : My description of the 'before' and 'after' appearance? Before: A nightmare! After: A dream come true. I will tell everyone that you do an excellent job and they can feel comfortable with you, and that YOU PERFORM MIRACLES! During the Carpet Audit, you were very thorough and very professional - made me feel comfortable and confident that you were going to do a good job. You're different from the other carpet cleaners by being personable, you do a better job, you were punctual and very trustworthy.

    Marilyn Moore : "You made me feel very comfortable when you came into my home. I was nervous at first but you made me feel at ease right away. You took time to talk with me about my carpet and how I can keep it looking great. You were efficient and did a great job".

    Freda Raibley : They were right on time to the minute for our appointment. They did exactly what they said they would and even more than that. I trusted you more than any other carpet cleaners I have ever used before. You are the "best"! I don't know how you can do any better. I am so happy to refer you to my friends because I know you will more than please them."

    Shirley Fisher : Very punctual! They even called to tell me they would be just 5 minutes late. I was treated royally and I don't think you can improve in any way. Just keep on keepin' on!

    Pete Kolb : Pete was asked, how can we improve? "Not possible!"... (Thanks, Pete, but we always try to do better!)

    Joan Hackler : "You were on time for your appointment and did exactly what you promised to do. Stacy and David were both courteous and treated me with respect. And you took up a lot more spots than the other cleaners."

    Amy Tomblinson : "You did an excellent job. Very professional, yet very personal. We were worried that with your free cleaning offer we would be confronted with high-pressure sales tactics, but actually the experience was totally the opposite. I never thought my carpet could be this clean. We will definitely have you back again.

    Carolyn Humphrey : "Very dependable! I loved what they did to my carpet. Friendly people!"

    Glenna McPherson : "They were right on time and worked very hard to please me in every way." It isn't necessary to change anything! I am well pleased."

    Barbara Lockel : "So professional and friendly, especially Pam... and you're ok too, Rich".... (Gee, Barb, thanks for at least mentioning me!)

    Kay Turner l: "The carpet looks great! They are very courteous and delivered what was promised and exceeded my expectations."

    Don Bellessa : "We chose them  because their references were great. They were very punctual and very thorough and there was a big change in our carpet - we love it!"

    Linda Woods :  "The carpet looks great, looks new!  You did a very thorough and professional job."

    Bonnie Talley : So punctual! They even called to tell me they were going to be 5 minutes late for our 8 a.m. appointment! Even though our carpet is older, after they cleaned it the appearance was very much improved and I am very pleased. These people  really care about the job they do.

    Byrl and Louise Jonesl : We heard that Rich's company did good work, and they do! Our carpet looks and feels so much better walking on it now.

    Lesia Carr : They were friendly and provided important information about the carpet cleaning procedure. My carpet looks much cleaner and left my carpet with a great clean smell. You provide a friendly and informative service with your free Carpet Audit. I like knowing exactly what I'm going to pay!

    Dale and Cecelia Bellessal: Thanks for being so punctual! I appreciated your being so considerate calling ahead in plenty of time when the appointment had to be changed. The carpet was heavily soiled in our rental property but it was much improved after you cleaned it. The carpet dried really fast!

    David and Kerry Hall : Your Carpet Audit was very thorough, as well as courteous and friendly - very attentive. Our carpet looks 110% better - all of the urine stains are gone. I appreciated your knowledge about the product and services you offer.

    Katrena Harrington : Rich and Pam are very knowledgeable about their business - I appreciated their honesty and punctuality. They even cleaned the wall behind our bed when they moved our bedroom furniture for the carpet cleaning. You brought the "life" back to our carpet and I'm telling everyone about you!

    Imogene Taylor : During your Carpet Audit, you made it very clear so we would know what to expect. The change in our carpet was like "night" and "day". We're going to tell everyone that you have the best equipment available and that you made us feel that our satisfaction was important to you and that it was guaranteed. You have a real desire to do work that pleases the customer.

    Amy Pettyjohn : You were very punctual for our appointments. We had a spot from our dog and you got it out. We were very pleased with your service.

    Jean Estes : Your presentation was very professional. My Berber carpet in the kitchen is much cleaner now because you used 240 degree hot water. I highly recommend you because you stand behind your work with a guarantee - even coming back to re-clean it if they are not satisfied. You do great!

    Jan McConnell : The carpet was much brighter. It looked like new. It felt thicker and fuller. You do an excellent job - you care about the work you do and you are prompt and efficient. You're very concerned that your customers are satisfied.

    Kyla Chandler : Your carpet cleaning and spot removal did wonders for our carpet. It was only two years old yet had many stains and dark spots on it. None of the spots have come back since the cleaning and we feel better about our two kids (both under two) crawling on the floor. You're honest, competitively priced and not pushy.

    Lana Bates : I'm already telling people how great it is to actually still be able to purchase high quality professional service! You were very professional, informative and most of all thorough. You have a real passion for your work and service offered.

    Rev. and Mrs. Randall Duncan : The carpet looks great! The fibers stand up... it looks brand new. If you want a thorough cleaning with no worry about damage to your walls, furniture, etc. THEN YOU NEED TO CALL THESE PEOPLE. You will be pleased with the results.

    Dan and Susan Rogers : Your Carpet Audit was wonderful - what a great idea! You came highly recommended by Nancy Copley. Our rental property's light-colored Berber carpet had a multitude of grease and nasty stains. It's 100% improved! TRULY AMAZING! Thank you so much for your honesty and punctuality and good work.

    Clarena and Joey Simms : We really weren't looking for a carpet cleaner because we didn't think our carpet could come clean... you proved us wrong! It was very dirty, but now it's bright and very clean. It looks great! You tried very hard to please us and you did a wonderful job!

    Dave and Norma Hasselbrinck : "We recently had our carpet cleaned by Rich and Ted. They are truly professional people. They covered their shoes when entering and leaving the house. I was very impressed the way the machine took out the dirt and the  way it was gentile on my carpet. It was totally dry in less than two hours. Great job, the carpet looks brand new."

    Claire Stone : I thought your Carpet Audit was thorough and explained everything very well for me. What a great and amazing difference in how new my carpets looked again! It made a believer out of me. You obviously removed more dirt than any other cleaner that I've used. Plus, the carpets dried faster. I'm very pleased.

    Kelley and David Marvel : Our living room was very stained and matted, now it looks like new carpeting! It dried extremely fast. You are very truthful and trustworthy!

    Russell and Tillie Clayton : A job well done! Very punctual. Before, our carpet was really dirty and it was left looking like a new carpet. Now we want our hallway and bedrooms cleaned!

    Wes and Stacy Hurt : I thought the Carpet Audit was informative. After cleaning, our carpets were brighter and smelled very clean - I think this is great when you have small kids playing on the floor all of the time.

    Kim Marvel : I was really impressed with your knowledge of carpet stain removal. My carpet now looks clean and refreshed. The traffic areas and stained areas are clean and not dull like they are with home cleaners - no residue left behind! My carpet looks fantastic, but what really impressed me was the upholstered recliner you cleaned. It looks brand new.

    Joan Waller : "The spots were gone, the walkways were clean, it smelled good... it was just great! There was so much difference there aren't enough words to describe it!

    Betty Meier : Our carpet now is bright, clean looking - no stains left. The carpet has a soft feel and the odor was removed. Professional, caring, courteous and quick service.

    R. Richardson : So good! My granddaughter came to visit and she thought I had new carpet laid recently. I was impressed by the attention given to finding the "puppy spots". I'm telling people you are very thorough and honest.

    Martha Johnson : I used to clean them myself. But you made them brighter and very clean. You did a great job.

    Kathleen McEllhiney : Thank you for the excellent cleaning job you did for me. I can't believe how clean the upholstered chair came. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you again!

    Tracy and Kyla Krieg : Your Carpet Audit was very informative and explained your service very well. I felt you were honest and trustworthy in your presentation of your services. GREAT SERVICE - worked very hard to get out the tough stains.

    Marilyn Vinnedge : I've never had any carpet cleaners - but now I know I'll not have anyone clean that doesn't come to my house and look at it first. You made it brighter (which means it was clean) and the spots are gone. You do exactly what you say you're going to do.

    Sandy Bury : I was very impressed with our phone conversation prior to the Carpet Audit as well as the overall presentation. I knew you could do everything we needed. We've used store-bought cleaners and rented Rug Doctors, but they couldn't even compare... our carpeting is like new again!

    Jane Kelly : I thought your Carpet Audit was super - very polite and informative. I appreciated that you weren't pushy like other carpet cleaners I've used. The appearance of my carpet now? WOW!

    John and Sheila Austin : Our granddaughter had spilled so much juice on our carpet that I thought it was ruined. All of the stains came out! I felt like I had new carpet again. I was pleased with my previous carpet cleaner, but I feel Ted and Rich did a MUCH BETTER JOB!

    Connie Reed : I think you did a very good job! You made our carpet look better and smell cleaner. They just clean better.

    Kathy Nelson : Your Carpet Audit was very thorough and I knew exactly what it would cost before the carpet was cleaned. All of the carpet cleaned looks like new. I would recommend your company easily.

    Gary and Mary Schmitt : "If you're going to have your carpet cleaned (which you should), call Pam. They are the only people I would trust with my carpet. You can't beat their guarantee and honesty."

    J. T. Haubstadt : You removed all of the spots and stains and I'm very pleased with your service. You were personable, explained the process clearly and called the next day to see if everything was done to satisfaction.

    Debbie Bartholome : I appreciated that your Carpet Audit was pleasant and stress-free, with no pressure. Not only did the carpet look much better (all of the make-up stains came out!), it smelled wonderful, too. Rich and Anthony do a great job - you were on time, professional and helpful.

    Mary and Jim Walker : I thought your Carpet Audit was very helpful and really separates you from the other carpet cleaning companies. You very prompt in calling me back. I've told several people that you did an extremely thorough job and that we were very pleased with the results.

    Joan Van Over : Very professional! The results were better than I expected. You're great!



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